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Have a great idea for Florida? We'd love to hear it!

We are an innovative problem solving community founded my a U.S. Veteran. 
Our NODE holders are investing in optimizing a sustainable future for Florida. 
Our IP & Art are our most valuable resources. 
We are Tallahassee's only Community Based Think Tank who work with the general public. 


Launching on Founder's 40th Birthday-week

Any NODE claimed in August 2022 will forever get extra epic values+ high virtues. 

The technology never was here yet.
Now it is & I've been working on this since I was 4 years old working overnights with IBM in Houston as my dad worked 3rd shift to pay for my telescopes.
Now at age 40: It's my honor to present Horbowy Art that will change the game forever. 
Simply put: I gamed game theory in 5 dimensions and call this brainchild "Floridaverse"
Thank you so very much for supporting this decentralized vision to make the world a better place to live starting by optimizing our own back yard and home state: Florida 

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We Make Big Ideas Happen! 

FLA DAO = The "People's DAO"

Governor Ron DeSantis called for the state agencies to "figure it out" with Bitcoin. He's open to innovation that optimizes Florida. 
The majority of current state agencies are still using Windows 95 and probably aren't the solution creators that will help lead the innovation revelation of Web3 or Web5. 
If sit back and wait for an out of state agency to have a solution, most likely it won't be for our best interest. 
If we set up counties and tax collectors, the gas fees from crypto transactions can go to the FLA  Treasury and pay royalties to everyone with a Smart Florida ID. 

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 Founded by the real life "Young Sheldon"

Who doesn't want to go to AR/VR IPFS Space Force Camp? I don't care how old you are; this is fun! 

Smart Florida optimizes communities for everyone of all ages and all abilities. Instead of being frustrated that the founder's peer group wasn't adopting to new tech faster, Benito realized "this is for the kids... and it should be presented so a 7 year old can explain it and have fun with his 70 year me'maw."

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Floridaverse, where all of your wildest dreams come true.

Make my venue AR Optimized.

We have downloadable special drawing paper.
Take a pic of your drawing and become a Series 1 NFT that can later become a Series 2D, 3D, &  visible with AR Classes at Floridaverse AR Parks. 

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