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We The People.

Create Solutions.

Let's Work Together.

Take Part in Something Great

My Duties Are What is Best for the Florida Beneficiaries 

Economic CFO Goals: 

  1. 10X Florida's GDP.

  2. Hold Our Party Accountable.

  3. Fix Florida's Cost of Living. 

  4. Introduce Smart Florida Office of Efficiency.

  5. Introduce Smart Florida Land Trust.

Faith Family Freedom Tour

67 County REC Meeting Times

Free Daily Meetup Educational Webinars 


To help Save Florida, I asking We The People to:

  1. Please fuel the campaign; support financially. 

  2. Email me referral lists or introduce me to people.

  3. Invite me to speak at your events.

"We need patriots, not political puppets. Calling all Veterans, Business Leaders, & Activists, Save Florida NOW."

Are you a Go-getter and apart of the 
Ten Trillion Dollar Collaboration?

Either you are involved in the real governmental process with your business,

or the government eats your lunch and serves you the bill. If you are an optimistic opportunity hunter for systems that optimize life, you will want to be at our Florida Solutions Summit.